• We aim to give first hand curriculum support on Biology, Geography, African Politics and History.
  • Adventure and recreation to Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” as you enjoy safaris, cultural dances and tours, Nile cruises, rafting and horseback riding among others.
  • Enhance team work, self confidence and personal development of students through adventure and challenges.
  • Develop life skills like leadership and of students while on expedition

Our expeditions are safe and responsible learning experiences custom made for schools/students. We realise school is not just about academic learning but also about learning through discovery. Visit the Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa” a country alive with vibrant cultures, extraordinary wildlife and huge opportunity for learning and adventure.


Uganda school expeditions will help students challenge common misconceptions about Uganda and Africa and provide clues to understanding the dynamic place that is Uganda while enjoying the very best of Uganda beauty in culture, flora and fauna.

Experience and learn about the real Uganda. Most people still know of Idi Amin, suffering, wars and famine yet there is a lot more to be offered and, famine, suffering and wars are the exception in Uganda, a rarity in fact. This is an opportunity for the young generation to learn more about the real Africa by participating in a school community

project and travelling across arguably the UGANDA SCHOOL EXPEDITIONSmost beautiful country in Africa. Our expeditions not only offer students an opportunity to learn, experience and travel responsibly but also an opportunity to leave a positive impact albeit during their short visit.

Health and Safety

Our number one priority when undertaking expeditions remains the health and safety of our guests. A comprehensive risk management strategy is embedded in each and every expedition we undertake, with recourse to our vast local knowledge and years of experience.

In addition to the requisite travel insurance for each expedition member, we have 24 hour doctors on call in Uganda and an air evacuation team which can quickly transfer guests to a leading hospital in Nairobi or Kampala to receive first class medical attention should the need arise. We also have a 24 hour help line and all tour leaders/professionals have at least 8 years experience in the field.

We are proud members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and affiliates of Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Tourism Board.

Why choose The Tourist Centre

  • Impeccable safety record
  • 18 years experience organising expeditions for schools, families and group of travellers. Schools we have organised expeditions for Wolverhampton Grammar School, Pepperdine University, California and Rochdale College Michigan.
  • Flexibility which allows you to design your itinerary with our advice.
  • Fully pre-planned and confirmed expedition logistics before departure.
  • Professional experienced tour leaders with in depth local knowledge of Uganda.
  • Chance to participate in TTC community projects that make a real difference in the local community.
  • Complimentary staff places

Options available  range from 16 to 28 day expeditions. Contact us for more information.

Please note we can further customise the itineraries to suit preferences of the group.

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