The Original Jinja Tour

Sightseeing, Culture, History, Architecture, Birding and Nile Sunset Cruise

Experience the beauty and fascination of Jinja on our guided tours. You will see it all as our guides take you from the hilltop for panoramic views of Jinja along the river banks and the lake shores, the market places, the cultural centres and through the streets to the source of the Nile for a sunset cruise. We’ll tell you the cultural, economic and social political history of Jinja and Uganda from a local perspective, plus provide you with clues to understanding the socio-economic dualism and dynamics of Ugandan society. All this at a pace and a price any traveller can handle.


Price per Person Number of people
$70 1
$40 2
$30 3
$20 4
$15 5+







This is a half day tour that lasts four and a half hours starting at 09:00am or 2:00PM
Please note a full day option with a picnic at Itanda falls can be arranged.

Terms and conditions apply.

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