Customised Private Safaris

Our private safaris are tailored to suit the preferences of our guests, whether be it the solo traveller, couples or families. We pride ourselves in customising tours with every attention paid to the most intricate of details so as to ensure we create experiences that leave life time memories indelibly committed to mind. We place great emphasis on wildlife experience, learning about the environment, culture, conservation and guiding as well as on enjoying the exquisite and scenic locations. A variety of accommodation is used ranging from simple to stylish and luxurious, all are characterised by their scenic views, great food and service.

Below are some of our signature itineraries. Please note any and all safaris can be combined or further modified to fit specific preferences.


1. Gorilla Safari 5 Days

Hike down narrow forest paths to the lush green dwellings of the silverback gorillas. Get in close proximity with the gigantic yet peaceful primates and watch as they go about their daily chores in their natural habitat in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy this rare priviledge of a close encounter as you stare into the pensive brown eyes of these gentle giants who share 95% of their genes with humans. Located in south-western Uganda, Bwindi covers an area of 331sqkm of jungle forests and contains both montane and lowland forest. The park is home to 120 species of mammals, 348 bird species, 220 butterfly species, 27 frog species, 1000 flowering plant species including 163 tree species, 104 species of ferns, chameleons, geckos and a sanctuary for colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and of about 340 of the remaining 750 endangered mountain gorillas.In addition, see the rift valley as you spend nights at Mweya in Queen Elizabeth national park. Mweya “The Beautiful Place” is a most refreshing teaser to the gorilla tracking.


Day 1: Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park
Day 2: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Park
Day 3: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi
Day 4: Bwindi to Lake Mburo
Day 5: Lake Mburo to Entebbe, Kampala or Jinja
Recommended Visiting Time: January to December

Wildlife: Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzee, L’Hoest’s Monkey, Topi, Colobus, Serval, Hippopotamus, Mongoose, Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, African Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, Sitatunga, Tree pangolin, Eland, Honey Badgers, Nile Crocodile and Zebra.

Birds: Shelley’s Crimson Wing, African Fish Eagle, African Finfoot, Barred Warbler, Shoebill, Malachite Kingfisher, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Papyrus Gonolek, African Green broad bill, Yellow-billed Stork, Egyptian Goose, Hamerkop, Red-chested Cuckoo, Variable Sunbird, Greater flamingo, Black bee-eater, Rufus Bellied Heron, Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfisher and Saddle-billed StorkSights and Attractions: Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Eastern Rift Valley Savannah grasslands, Kazinga Channel, Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Mburo, Papyrus swamplands, Crater lakes and Mweya Peninsula “The Beautiful Place” Conservation Areas: Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Parks

Contact us for a detailed itinerary and further customisation of this tour.

2. Gorilla Tracking and Serengeti Big Game Flying Safari 7 days

Enjoy the sight of Uganda’s star attraction-the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Experience the rare priviledge of a close encounter with these humble giants. Hike through the undergrowth and mist of the incredibly lush impenetrable forests of Bwindi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to the nests of the mountain gorillas and spend up to an hour in close proximity with these most humanlike primates.

Then fly into the Serengeti plains, one of the Seven Wonders of Africa to view some of the world’s most abundant biodiversity. Enjoy the very best of big game safari in these pristine endless grasslands which host the world’s greatest terrestrial mammal migrations. With almost every species of wildlife found in East Africa, the Serengeti is bound to impress any naturalists. This safari is ideal for intrepid travellers given its unique combination of the incredible wildlife spectacle
that is the migration and the gorilla tracking.


Day 1: Arrival in Uganda
Day 2: Fly to Bwindi Impenetrable
Day 3: Gorilla Tracking
Day 4: Connection to Serengeti National Park
Day 5: Game Drive
Day 6: Game Drive and Walking Safari
Day 7: Transfer to Arusha

Recommended Visiting time: March to December

Wildlife: Mountain Gorillas, Zebra, Lion, Grant’s Gazelle, Wildebeest, Crocodile, Lion, Warthogs, Cheetah, Masai Giraffes, Water buck, Hippopotamus, Nile Crocodile, African Buffalo, Golden Jackal, Elephant, Spotted Hyena, Colubus Monkey, Sitatunga, Oribi, Giant Hog, Serval, Wild dog, Rock Hyrax and Mongoose.

Birds: Shelley’s Crimson Wing, Shoebill, Red-Chested Cuckoo, African Fish Eagle, African Finfoot, Nubian Woodpecker, Barred Warbler, Malachite Kingfisher, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Papyrus Gonolek, African Green broad bill, Greater flamingo, Black bee-eater, Rufus Bellied Heron, Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfisher, Crested Crane, Secretary Bird, Hooded Vulture, Common Ostrich, Rwenzori Batis, SpurWinged Plover, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Kori bustard and Marabou Stork.

Sights and Attractions: Bwindi Forests, Eastern Rift Valley, Swamps, Serengeti Acacia, Volcanoes and Rivers

Conservation Areas: Bwindi and Serengeti plains

Contact us for a detailed itinerary and further customisation of this tour.

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