Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National park is 330km away from Kampala Uganda’s capital city. The park is 220km2 and is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.
The park is dominated by the extension of the Ituri forest from the Congo basin. The Ituri forest is one of Africa’s most ancient forests having survived the last ice age 12 – 18,000 years ago. The forest is one of Africa’s most diverse forests and boasts an impressive bird list of 442 bird species including Albertine endemics which make up about 40% of Uganda’s bird list. Over 60% of the birds here are forest dwellers whereas the rest live by the riverine habitat. Birds to watch out for here include the Great Blue and Ross’ Turacos, Piping Hornbill, Shoebill, Olivacious Flycatcher, Blue Swallow and Grant’s Bluebill to mention but a few.

Semuliki is also famous for its hot springs in the Sempaya area. The springs are found on the border of the forest. The inner spring is referred to as the male spring whereas the outer spring which is dominated by a boiling geyser that spurts up to two metres from a white cake-like base, is called the female spring.

Semuliki is also host to 53 mammals including the forest elephants, buffalo, primates like the de Brazza monkey, olive baboon and blue monkey. Semuliki also hosts numerous butterfly species and unique insects like the rhinoceros beetles.

Game drives and hikes up the forest trails are the most common activities here.

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