Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park is 280km from Kampala, an approximately 6 hour drive from Kampala. The park lies at the border of Uganda and Kenya in the east.

Mount Elgon is the oldest and largest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa and at 4,000km²; Mt. Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. Its caldera is about 8 km in diameter and is surrounded by a ring of rugged peaks. It was once the highest mountain but because of erosion it reduced to a height of 4321m.

This National Park is home to small antelopes, forest monkeys, elephants, buffalos and over 300 species of birds including the endangered lammergeyer.

Birding opportunities exist around Kapkai forest exploration centers, the secondary forest and thick shrub along the loop trail to Cheptai falls which offer the chance to view some of the bird species including 40 restricted range species including the Jackson’s francolin, African Goshawk, Chubb’s Cisticola, mustached green tinker bird and the black-collared apalis.

Trekking is the most popular activity at Mountain Elgon National Park. Hiking up this quiet remote mountain is a better alternative especially for inexperienced climbers as no special equipment is needed. Hiking offers the opportunity to enjoy the company of the parks primates, birds and rare tree species. The trails lead past the caves, view points and waterfalls with the option of camping overnight on the mountain slopes.

Nature walks to view the Sipi Falls, the Walls of Death and the African Sunrise across the Karamoja Plains on these peaceful walks just outside the park are also a suitable alternative for those who would rather not head up to the peak

Fishing, rock climbing and mountain biking are also available options near Sipi falls. For the rock climbers, there are 14 routes requiring various levels of rock scaling techniques. The toughest is a 35m climb while the easiest is 15m. For fishing enthusiasts, the battling ability of the rainbow trout offers exciting fishing challenges at the top of Sipi.

Cultural encounters and knowledge expansion can also be arranged to enable those who would like to learn more about the Bagisu and the Sabiny tribes who have inhabited these mountains. The Bagisu also known as “Bamasaba” believe the mountain to be the embodiment of their founding father and thus refer to the mountain by the name Masaba.

Also find out where your coffee comes from! Arabica coffee is grown on the mountain sides by the Bagisu farmers which is the finest washed Arabica in Kenya and Uganda.

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