The Team

The Team

David Wakudumira – Managing Director

A visionary leader who started The Tourist Centre in 1996 to offer services at a time when there were hardly any visitors to Jinja, Mr Wakudumira believed in the potential of responsible tourism as a means for development of Uganda. Today, The Tourist Centre is the fruition of his vision as it continues to provide a unique range of safaris while directly contributing to the development of Uganda and East Africa at large through the provision of employment and tax contributions.

David has always pushed the bar in a bid to continually improve services and create exciting experiences to further promote Uganda as a tourism destination. David has also served as the Mayor of Jinja, Uganda. Uganda is not just a passion for David but rather a way of life.


Anne Wakudumira – Director

Anne is a founding member of The Tourist Centre. A Human resource professional
that has also previously worked for SABMiller, Anne is a great communicator both on a one-on-one level and group level. Anne has good people skills and a great understanding of cultures. Anne is an efficient and dedicated administrator whose vast experience is vital for the smooth running of office.Anne holds a BA Social Work degree and a Masters in Psychology from Makerere University.

Daudi Mutalya – Director

Daudi is an intrepid traveller who has guided widely in southern Africa from the Okavango delta to the jungles of Bwindi. Daudi grew up on “safari” in the now threatened jungles of Eastern Uganda and a passionate photographer whose one goal is to document the beauty of Uganda the Pearl of Africa and share this with as many travellers. Daudi has that elusive understanding of the dynamics of wildlife, landscapes and the local people.

Daudi is holds A BA ECONOMICS and A MSC Financial Analysis from Makerere University and Exeter University. Daudi has experience in investment analysis but his passion could not keep him away from the wild. Daudi’s vast experience in investment and finance brings to The Tourist Centre business savy and efficiency.

Henry Lugolobi

Henry is a naturalist who has grown up in the haven that is Jinja. Henry’s broad knowledge of East African cultures and expertise on travel within East Africa make him a great asset to The Tourist Centre and indispensable to guests organising travels.

Henry holds a degree in hospitality from Kyambogo University and a BA Businness Administration from Makerere University Business School. Henry has been with The Tourist Centre for six years.

Lincoln Myeera

Lincoln was born in Kampala Uganda but moved to the beautiful town of Jinja as soon as he was old enough and developed a passion for nature and wildlife at a very young age.

Lincoln holds a BA Development Studies and Tourism degree at Makerere University and has served with The Tourist Centre for five years. He is a passionate traveller who has experience travelling and guiding across East Africa. Lincoln’s extensive travel, patient approach and broad knowledge of the East Africa region enable him tailor unique packages for guests to discover the exotic destinations.

FIELD TEAM – Our Guides

Our field team is one of East Africa’s finest with a combined experience of 68 years of field experience. Our team have traversed the furthest ends of East Africa and garnered encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora, fauna and culture of this amazing land.


1. Nasur Ojok “The Amazing Ojok”

After 12 years in the field with 40 birding safaris in Uganda and over 300 game safaris under his belt, Ojok has gained extensive experience and knowledge of flora and fauna in East Africa. “The Amazing” will awe you with his ability to spot spot birds and elusive wildlife with his microscopic eyesight, and his seemingly unfathomable depth of knowledge about the land, culture and the flora and fauna.

Ojok was christened “The Amazing Ojok” by guests who were impressed by his keen eyes that managed to spot three endemic bird species in no less than two hours.

Ojok speaks 9 languages including English, Swahili, Lusoga, Acholi,  Alur and Luganda among others. The Amazing Ojok is a keen birder and a member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association. Ojok is most likeable trait is always a jovial mood on safari as he takes sincere delight in what he does.

2. Viriano Kabulezi “The Incredible Viriano”

Viriano possesses a rare blend of skills including unrivalled knowledge of local cultures, the bush and strong ethics in conservation and a pleasant manner and approach on safari.

Viriano was nicknamed “The Incredible” by guests who were awed by his ability to spot a leopard in the distance after having glanced at only the white end of the leopard’s tail while he was driving!

Viriano is a member of the Uganda Safari Guides Association and a keen birder who has checked 310 on the 1,066 long bird list of Uganda. Viriano has 8 years experience as a tour leader and has led over 235 birding and game safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.







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