TC Conservation Fund

Mrs Wakudumira started the conservation and social responsibility fund to further add our efforts to conservation of the beautiful places we share with our guests. This is done both directly by working with conservation groups like Uganda Wildlife Authority and The Conservation Trust and, indirectly by funding education efforts of young Ugandans especially those in areas neighbouring the conservation areas.

The conservation fund has supported primary schools in Busona and Nsube in Jinja to improve sanitation by providing clean water tanks for students at school and encouraging good hygiene practices in schools.

The education fund is now being raised and TTC hopes to start funding university education for promising students from the communities around national parks because we believe that we can best conserve our threatened environment through education.

Our conservation and awareness efforts are also furthered through our Photo of the Month competition. Guests enter photos from their safaris/excursions with us for a chance to win a prize for charity.
Every month a $40 (and $25 in low season) prize to our guests for the best photo. The winnings go to a charity of their choice in Jinja or Uganda.
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